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Summertime: Slump or Simmer?

Last month I mentioned that things appeared to be leveling off a bit in the local market, which isn’t unexpected at this time of year. We realtors are used to the slowdown and are fairly used to it when it happens, but we also keep an eye on how much ...

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The Bubble Hasn’t Burst Yet!

(Image: And it may not at all. Marc Cohodes, a former Wall Street hedge fund manager who lives in California, claimed earlier this week that our Vancouver housing bubble is the result of “a money laundering bubble that politicians [and] the real estate industry don’t want to end” (Amy ...

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Is it YOUR Time to Sell?

February is gone and March is here with its fickle weather and blossoming plum and cherry trees. And while the trees are blooming, the market is still booming! Demand for homes in Surrey and the rest of the Fraser Valley is stronger than last January’s record-setting sales! The high demand of ...

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